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Simon Pulfrey

I am a dad, spouse, emergency physician, aging endurance athlete, very part-time potter, and dog owner.  I have stepped into coaching as a means of more fully engaging with people wherever they are with life and its inherent joys, losses and challenges.  Since “finding balance” is a dynamic process, I embrace an existential approach to leadership and life coaching. I believe in an evidence-based, reflective, and supportive coaching engagement where we work together to find your optimal space of development, growth, regeneration and performance.   

Important Concepts in My Coaching Work

  • Connection and insight

  • Bolstering self-compassion and acceptance

  • Seeing your life through an existential lens

  • Generating gratitude and agency

  • Embracing challenge, meaning and change

  • Practicing cognitive behavioural therapy techniques that promote responding over reacting

  • Experimenting with "leaning in and letting go"

  • Creating access for gratitude and flow states

  • Fostering strategies for holding grief, sadness, anger and loss in constructive space

  • Work with courage, humour, and compassion

Coaching-Related Qualifications & Experience

  • UBC Certified  and ICF Accredited Organizational Coach, 2023-

  • Emergency Physician, Vancouver Coastal Health 2005-

  • Mind-Space Skills Facilitator  2022-

  • Mindfulness-Based CBT for Depression Teacher Training, 2021

  • Global Emergency Medicine: Nepal and Rwanda 2000, 2002, 2013.

  • Nordic Ski Coach.  National Coaching Certification Program T2T 

  • Retiring Alpine Climber

  • MSc Human Nutrition,  McGill

  • Nutritionist,  Médecins Sans Frontières, Democratic Republic of Congo, 1996, 2002

  • Professional Triathlete, France. Road cyclist BC Junior Provincial Team 1988-1992.

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