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How it Works

The first step is an exploratory session.  This is a no-cost and no-obligation virtual 60 minute meeting where we can explore what you are looking for, how coaching might be useful for you and how you would like to proceed.   Some clients opt for a single 60-120 minute session, others find working together for 6 or more sessions over the course of multiple months the most useful.   All conversations are confidential and in keeping with the ethical agreements of the ICF. 

The key is to determine what is most valuable for you.



In an effort to make the coaching process as accessible as possible, I have a scalable fee model that considers why we are working together, for how long,  what we are working on, and what is at stake for you.  Fees can be discussed in the exploratory session or by contacting me directly.


Specific Programs

In addition to 1:1 personalized coaching,  CWC offers several unique coaching programs.  Each program consists of 4 to 6 coaching sessions over a two month period and are individualized for each client.  Psychometric testing and knowledge transfer are embedded within and between coaching sessions.  There are 1-2 hours/week of reflection and "homework" involved with each program.  Please contact me for more details. 

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